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Q. How much space does the Micro Reality Race track take?


A. It depends, we can set the track up in many different shapes. The biggest and most popular (large oval) fits in a 20' x 30' space.



Q. How much does it cost to rent Micro Reality Stock Car Racing, Football and Soccer?


A. That depends on the options. If you would like to get a detailed quote (Click Here).



Q. What kind of power do you need?


A. One outlet with 110volt 20amp minimum power supply. One of the options we provide is a generator for outdoor events.



Q. Can you make a Micro Reality stock car with my companies logo on it?


A. Yes, we can customize the cars and the racetrack to fit your needs.



Q. Can we keep the Micro Reality custom cars?


A. You can keep the custom made car shell but not the working car itself. We do offer very nice display chassis for your shell as an option.



Q. How fast do the cars go?


A. The cars can do a lap around the large track in about 4 - 6 seconds. We can adjust the speed of the cars according to the clients needs and preferences.



Q. Where is the track located?


A. We are located in Southern Michigan and we travel to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and all over the continental United States as well as most of Canada.



Q. How far in advance should I book?


A. It depends on when your event is. The summer months are always much more busy than the winter. I would recommend at least 4 weeks or more to be sure of getting your date booked.